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It's made naturally with rice. It's a simple and effective formula that can benefit every hair type. Rice water is known for its rich nutrients and vitamins that can help promote healthy hair growth, increase shine, and reduce frizz. It's also great for maintaining scalp health and preventing dandruff

It’s time to repair hair damage with the time-tested East Asian tradition of Fermented Rice Water. Wash away hair woes with the natural goodness of Fermented Rice Water and put a full stop to detereorating hair quality.

Priyas naturals Rice Water Shampoo with Fermented Rice Water, Keratin & Wheat Protein improves your hair texture by adding elasticity, increasing volume, and giving it a healthier appearance, while also shielding it from further damage. Rich in vitamins and minerals, Fermented Rice Water is a revered East Asian ingredient that strengthens roots and repairs damaged hair. High in protein, Keratin improves hair texture, adds elasticity, and increases volume.

Rice water shampoo

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