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With our bridal Gold Face Wash with gold glitter flakes revitalise your exhausted and dull skin. Feel the immediate renewal of your skin. It is a shiny gel based facial cleanser that cleans and revitalises the skin. It works towards providing a luxurious shine and glass sheen on your face giving your face a gorgeous, brightened spark. Additionally, it gives the skin firmness and smoothness and prevents dryness after washing.Benefits of bridal gold Facial Cleanser:

Cleanses face from deep within for the radiant look.

Sloughs off impurities and removes dead skin cells.

Evens out skin tone for a beautiful complexion.

Diminishes signs of aging and reduces dark spots.

Fights acne-causing bacteria & keeps pores unclogged.Each and every skin is different. We recommend to do a patch test before using on a whole. Apply a small drop taken from the facewash on your face and check for allergic reactions. Few may be allergic to some ingredients DIRECTIONS TO USE

Tie your hair back away from your face.

Apply a coin-sized amount of bridal gold cleanser, work between your hands and apply to face.

Massage into your skin, including your neck.

Rinse with cold water


Our facewashes doesn’t foam like other chemical based ones. Very mild lather is expected but cleanses deeply.

For sensitive skin, Please check whether any ingredients are allergic.

All our products are No parabens,No sulphates, No silicones, and No harsh chemicals. All the ingredients used are natural and plant based. water.

Use a cotton pad to apply your chosen toner to dry, cleansed skin.

Bridal gold face wash

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