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Hair smoothning mask is better than permanent hair straightening. It makes hair look naturally soft, makes it manageable, provides nourishment, and adds shine to the lifeless or limp hair. It does not alter the hair's internal structure but only smooths out the cuticle

If you're interested in keeping your hair healthy and have a hair care routine, then you've probably heard about hair masks. But what are they and how do they work? Hair masks are a bit like the superfoods of the hair world.

Hair masks are treatments that you apply to your hair for a certain amount of time before rinsing them out. They add moisture and nutrients to your hair that help hydrate dry strands, increase shine, and prevent frizz.

Your regular conditioner is designed to be used after shampooing. It adds a little moisture, detangles your hair, and then is rinsed out. Whereas a deep conditioning mask is meant to be left on your strands for an extended period of time so it can seal in the moisture and revitalize your mask

have become a staple in many of our hair care regimes. They are nourishing, hydrating, and replenishing treatments that provide intense conditioning to the hair.

Hair masks are a quick and easy way to inject instant moisture into dry strands or to add a boost of shine and softness when your locks feel dull and lifeless.

They can also be used as a weekly treatment to protect against damage, or as an emergency pre-party pick-me-up, returning your hair to its best condition in minutes.

Hair smoothing mask

₹450.00 Regular Price
₹400.00Sale Price
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